Virtually Speaking


About 30 years ago I began teaching at Century High school in Santa Ana, California. The school is located in an industrial zone of this inner-city and the students come from local neighborhoods that have high immigrant populations and high poverty. 

Working in this type of environment, with a dedicated team of teachers, we started the e-Business Academy. In this program, I was looking to develop an experience to help my students be better prepared for the world they would be competing in the very near future. I was looking for a way to have an engaging classroom environment. One that would give my kids get real-world experience through a rigorous project and performance-based curriculum. I wanted them to leave with the confidence that they could compete in the workforce as they transitioned out of school and into their careers.

This vision of what I wanted to build, led me to the Virtual Enterprise experience. When I started, there were very few resources, no mentors and I was forced to develop classroom materials and procedures to help me cope with this challenging teaching assignment. 


This fall, I am starting my 19th year as a VE teacher and through this journey, I have developed a lot of teacher and student resources. I have created this website as a place where I can share what I have done and support both new and veteran teachers in their endeavor to make a difference in their classrooms. I hope that what I have to offer can help reduce the burden we all carry as VE teachers.


Director of the e-Business Academy

Century High School