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Vice President of Sales



Detail-oriented, competitive, very well organized, comfortable talking and working with people, comfortable presenting and talking to groups,  able to complete tasks and meet deadlines, comfortable using excel and generating monthly sales reports.


The Vice President of Sales is one of the key leaders in the company. will lead a team of employees through the promotion and selling of products or services, including tracking inventory, orders, and all sales for the company each month. They will work under the supervision of the CEO and will be responsible for training all employees in sales techniques, and tracking all orders that occur each month. Preparing trade show promotions and work schedules. They will work closely with the accounting department and are required to get sales data to them each month.



  • Supervise the operations of the sales department and will work to maintain an efficient and positive work environment

  • Be responsible for the selection of the sales team, the delegation of tasks, and weekly performance evaluations

  • Maintain weekly product inventory logs of what has been sold and what needs to be ordered.

  • Attend and report on department  progress at weekly leadership meetings

  • Develop an order tracking system and invoice customers via email following live purchases.

  • Create monthly sales reports related to sales of products, money earned, employee commissions, and total earnings

Typical Tasks

  • Design the company order form and company customer invoice

  • Determine the pricing strategy for product pricing.

  • Train employees through comprehensive sales practice and how to perform a sales pitch

  • Collect, process, and record all orders that come into the company each week.

  • Invoice customers who purchased at live sales events and a trade show with an invoice letter and log contacts.

  • Generate monthly sales reports with graphs and charts that detail all aspects of the company's sales.

  • Develop and main product inventory logs each week for product tracking

  • Develop the company sales contract


Things to Know: 

The Vice President of Sales needs to be on the top of their game as they have a constant stream of work. You will have a lot of things going all at once so good planning and good delegation is essential. You can not fall behind as that causes other departments to wait for your data. Extra time outside of the office can be required to ensure your department does not get behind in its work.  Knowledge of Excel is essential in the job as you will be using the program for tracking and reports.


Competitions: Business Plan, Elevator Pitch, Annual Report, Catalog Sales, Salesmanship, 

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