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Vice President of Marketing



very well organized, creative, comfortable working with people, comfortable presenting and talking to groups, good sense of image, and design and how to promote ideas.


The Vice President of Marketing will lead a small team of employees through the promotion and selling of products or services, including market research and advertising. They will work under the supervision of the CEO and will be responsible for all marketing, advertising, and promotions of the company. They will coordinate the marketing of the company at trade shows and its advertising to drive customers to purchase from the company. 


  • Supervise the operations of the marketing department and will work to maintain an efficient and positive work environment

  • Be responsible for the selection of the marketing team and weekly performance evaluations

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for the company competitions and business plan

  • Attend and report on department  progress at weekly leadership meetings

  • Develop fundraising programs to support the financial  needs of the company

  • Develop promotional and advertising strategies for the company


Typical Tasks

  • Coordinate the writing of the company marketing plan

  • Compete in the trade show marketing competitions

  • Develop monthly email advertising campaigns

  • Design and decorate the trade show sales booth

  • Develop all tradeshow promotions and giveaways

  • Develop fundraising events, where all company employees can participate to raise funds for trade show supplies.


Things to Know: 

The Vice President of Marketing is a consuming job a quite often requires you to work outside the office. You might need to make things for the booth, or your presentations or shop for supplies on your own.  You need to have a good sense of what looks good and is attractive.  As understand what motivates people will help you understand how to attract customers and get them to buy from the company. Your department will need money for props and giveaways at trade shows, so fundraising will be important so you don't have to ask your classmates for a few dollars every time we have a trade show.


Competitions: Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Booth Competition, Annual Report 

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