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The Tasks are the typical tasks I would assign to the various departments in my classroom. The Tasks sheets are different for each task period and the students are expected to work in their department teams to complete all the items on the task sheets each task period. Everyone in the team earns the same grade for completion of tasks. The TASK SHEETS on the green buttons are downloadable editable Google docs. The BLUE buttons are the linked resources in the tasks.


Guides for Teachers


Notes to Teachers:

  • Trello: I began using Trello (free to use) during the pandemic and felt that the program integrated so well with the virtual office environment. All submissions of work from that point on were done through the Trello software. If you use other ways to turn in completed work (ie Canvas, Google Classroom, or physical submissions), just edit the “Evidence” submission requirements in the individual tasks.

  • Timeline: These are titled Tasks, but you should not feel pressured to have this done by the end of any particular month. Work with your students at your own comfortable pace and if that happens later in the fall it is no big deal. This first series of tasks is for you and your students to use after they have been placed into their departments and working for the virtual company.

  • Company Structure: I tended to have bigger classes so I created 7 different departments for my kids to work in and added tasks to try to keep everyone busy. If your classes are smaller than 20 students. Feel free to reduce the departments, combine departments, or eliminate the departments as you wish. You might want to look at my blog on Company Structure, to see why I did it the way I did it.

  • Editing the documents Download your copy...It's yours, change it as you see fit. I created this for my students in our situation. Your situation is probably much different than mine, so adapt it to how you run your class. One thing to keep in mind is the total points for each department are the same, This is essential to keep grading the same for all students, across all departments. If you change the point totals, make sure that all departments add up to the same totals

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