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This resource allows students to establish their budgets so they know what  they can afford with the salary they are earning

This is a stand alone resource that takes students on the step-by-step journey to establish their personal transportation 

This is a stand alone resource exercise in finding a place to live, move in costs and finding roommates. 

This resource is for students who are living with roommates and need to set up a contract of who will pay what in the living situation

This resource is for the student who struggles with over-spending and has gone bankrupt. This personal loan  application allows them to get back on their feet as they learn to budget their money

(resource coming soon)

This resource is for teachers that want to bring a unique experience to the classroom and allow their students to be virtually married.

(resource coming soon)

This application is used for students to designate that they would like to participate in a virtual marriage. This must be completed before they are virtually married.

This resource my Personal Finance Basic sheet and is the most simplistic file for students to do the basics of personal finance

Personal Finance Single is a very comprehensive resource that includes many of the individual areas on this page and takes students on the step-by-step journey to establish their personal finances. This is my most comprehensive personal finance experience 

Personal Finance Married is a very comprehensive resource takes students who are  in a simulated marriage the journey to establish their personal finances as a married couple.  


This resource is open to all students to see what the cost of going to college with be for them and the monthly student loan payments they will have to endure when they get a job. I require only my executives to complete this.

(resource coming soon)


This is a budget game that you can lead students through the process of what it means to budget.  It is adapted from The Bean Game from Utah State. Click the green box above for the game board


Used to track student payments in a simulated bank account. This can be done by the teacher or a student assigned to banking.

This resource is a series of cards that can be drawn by your students every week to illustrate that  "Life Happens" and we all have to deal with the unexpected things in life.

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