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Vice President of Communications



very well organized, good long-range planning skills, a good writer, creative, comfortable working with people, very comfortable using social media, good sense of image, and design, 


The Vice President of Communications will lead a small team of employees through the promotion of the company through social media.  They will work under the supervision of the COO and will be responsible for all public relations, press releases, and company communications through the monthly newsletter and company bulletin board. Their team will maintain the company's Google email account and will plan and prepare for company events.

You need to have a good sense of what looks good and is attractive.  As understand what motivates people will help you understand how to attract customers to our website and get them to buy from the company. You will need to understand the purpose of social media and how it drives sales



  • Supervise the operations of the communication department and will work to maintain an efficient and positive work environment

  • Be responsible for the selection of the communication team, the delegation of tasks, and weekly performance evaluations

  • Develop a monthly company newsletter to be used to communicate to employees and used for competitions and trade shows

  • Attend and report on department  progress at weekly leadership meetings

  • Develop an active effective social media presence for the company using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

  • Maintain the company's Google email and drive accounts.

Typical Tasks​​

  • Coordinate the writing of the monthly company newsletter.

  • Coordinate packing and unpacking for company events 

  • Maintain the company bulletin board

  • Plan and facilitate company social events 

  • Establish and maintain company social media presence

  • Check email accounts daily and actively communicate with all departments.

  • Develop fundraising events, where all company employees can participate to raise funds for trade show supplies.

Things to Know: 

The Vice President of Communications requires strong multitasking ability. You will have a lot of things going all at once so good planning and good delegation is essential. Planning for the newsletter is like creating a new piece of artwork each month and good design software skills are important. Social media is an art form in its own right and requires an understanding of what will effectively drive customers to our website to buy.


Competitions: Company Newsletter 

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