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Vice President of Human Resources



Excellent writer, logical and fair, rules, policies, and procedures are important to you,  comfortable presenting and talking to groups,  able to complete tasks and meet deadlines, Good communicator, and able to well in a team.


The Vice President of Human Resources leads the department that works with employees of the company. They ensure a safe, fair, and professional environment for all employees. The Vice President will lead a team of employees through the development of the policies and procedures of the company and will detail these in the company employee manual.  They will work under the supervision of the COO and will be responsible for establishing base pay rates, employee hiring processes, employee performance reviews, developing employee benefits packages and maintaining attendance logs. The Human resources department will compete in Human Resource competitions involving team presentations and a number of events throughout the year.



  • Supervise the operations of the HR department and will work to maintain an efficient and positive work environment.

  • Be responsible for the selection of the HR team, the delegation of tasks and weekly performance evaluations.

  • Develop a comprehensive employee handbook.

  • Establish job descriptions, and facilitate interviews and hiring of employees.

  • Develop performance reviews and conduct performance review meetings.

  • Develop company benefits that include; medical, dental, vision and retirement options.

  • Create monthly communications with your department and employee recognition 

  • Maintain personnel files and attendance records for all employees.

Typical Tasks

  • Assist in the hiring process for employees

  • Determine the base salaries for employees

  • Develop the company policies and procedures that will be detailed in the employee manual

  • Maintain and record daily records of attendance

  • Research and develop all benefit options for employees

  • Create an employee evaluation form and conduct mid-year performance reviews

  • Establish a monthly employee recognition program.

  • Develop a quarterly HR newsletter and contribute the HR section of the company website.

Things to Know: 

The Vice President of Human Resources needs to be an excellent writer and have good organization and delegation skills. The employee handbook is a large (up to 20 pages) document that you and your team will have to tackle. You will need to proofread the document and edit it constantly. You will need to compete in live competitions in front of live judges so you need to be a good communicator. You should be comfortable using Google doc and InDesign as the handbook will be developed in these environments. You department sets the tone for the company professionalism so you and your team need to follow the rules set in place by the company and be a role model for all other employees.


Competitions: Employee Handbook, Human Resources Competition

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