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Vice President of Art & Publications



Very comfortable using graphic design software and working with graphics, creative and thinking outside the box, good sense of color and balance, understanding what looks professional and has an excellent eye for detail, dedicated to the quality of work, takes direction and criticism well.


The Vice President of Art leads the department that works with all the design and printed work the company develops. The Vice President will lead a small team of employees go through the development of the art and design-related projects needed by the company They will work under the supervision of the CEO and will be responsible for establishing the company logo, color scheme, banner, literature, flyers, certificates, and the product catalog. This department will have a heavy workload at the beginning of the year and will become easier in the spring. You will be working in the following software programs; InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  



  • Supervise the operations of the Art department and will work to maintain an efficient and positive work environment.

  • Responsible for selection of Art team, the delegation of tasks and weekly performance evaluations.

  • Develop a product line displayed in a comprehensive and professional company catalog in both digital and print formats.

  • Design the company logo and color scheme for the branding elements of the company

  • Design trade show flyers and billboard ads

  • Design company employee name badges, business cards, and letterhead.

  • Design sales and product brochures

  • Design report formats and certificates for various departments throughout the company


Typical Tasks

  • Establish the initial product line and product descriptions to be used in the catalog

  • Design the company logo and branding elements

  • Make employee name badges and business cards

  • Make the impact marketing billboard

  • Make the company trade show booth banner

  • make the company digital and print catalog

  • Make product and sales brochures for the trade show booth

  • Design the business plan and annual report templates

  • Design award certificates and event programs


Things to Know: 

The Vice President of Art is a very time-consuming job. Working with design means spending a lot of time on projects to make sure the designs are perfect. You will have the most opportunities for competitions of all the departments as most shows have events that involve the art department. None of the competitions involve live presentations. The beginning of the year will be difficult and time-consuming and you and your team will probably need to spend extra time outside of the office to complete tasks and meet deadlines. If you do not know InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, you and your team will need to invest time to learn the programs.


Competitions: Company Branding, Catalog Design, Business Card Design, Impact Marketing, Sales Materials

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