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The Remind App.

Category: Communications

Remind is a simple free communication tool that you can use with your classes to create a group texting environment that allows you to communicate with your students without sharing personal phone numbers. It can be driven from your phone or your computer. The application allows you to send out short announcements or reminders and will notify your students that they have a Remind message that has arrived. Though broadcast messages are short, The app allows you to have in-depth conversations with individual students  When responding you can limit student interaction with each other so they can only respond to you as the teacher with text replies. 

Remind communicates with students in the environment that they are most comfortable with, their cell phones.


Category: Communications & Collaboration

Slack is a simple free communication and collaboration tool that is essentially a chatroom for your entire company or class. It is designed to replace email as your primary method of communication and sharing to create a transparent communication environment. Workspace communication allows you to organize your company communications through discussion channels that archive the history of all communication. Within these channels, you can share files, images, presentations, and links that your team can discuss and work on collaboratively. Channels can be designated for the entire company, teams, departments, special projects, and leadership. Slack is integrated with Google Drive.

Google Forms

Category: Surveys

Google Forms are among the internet's most versatile tools. Whether you need an emergency contact form or order tee shirts, a survey, or a student directory, a form is all you need to easily gather that information. With Google Forms, it very easy to use, only takes a few minutes, and it’s free. Google Forms—along with Docs, Sheets, and Slides—is part of Google's suite of online apps to help you get more done in your browser for free. It's easy to use and one of the simplest ways to save data directly to a spreadsheet, and it works seamlessly with Google Sheets

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